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The Engadin Boot in Forest Green

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Introducing The Engadin: the quintessential all-terrain boot, masterfully engineered for the indomitable spirit of adventure. Inspired by the rugged beauty and challenging conditions of the Swiss Alps' Engadin region, this boot has been meticulously designed to tackle both the urban jungle and alpine wilderness.

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To ensure an impeccable fit, we are delighted to offer our exclusive Foot Impression Box service to clients globally. Upon your request, we will dispatch this bespoke box to your location.

The process involves stepping into the specially designed soft foam, which captures the unique contours of your feet, thereby enabling us to tailor footwear with unparalleled precision. We will facilitate the seamless return of the impression box. Should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us for comprehensive details by clicking this link.

Welcome to Arthur Sleep, where we are reviving the lost art of English shoemaking.

As creators of London's first shoe factory in more than a century, we have blended traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. Dedicated to ethical practices and genuine artistry, every pair of shoes we create stands as a symbol of quality, comfort, and sustainable luxury.

Adaptive Ice-Tech Sole

At the heart of The Engadin's design is its innovative alpine sole, featuring hardened metal ice studs.

These spikes can be discreetly retracted, ensuring safe and unimpeded travel across diverse terrains—from icy mountain trails to sleek city pavements. Whether facing the slippery slopes of K2 or navigating the cobbled streets of Rome, The Engadin adapts effortlessly.

Urban to Alpine Readiness

Crafted for versatility, The Engadin transcends environments with ease. Its robust construction is equally at home in metropolitan settings as it is on a remote alpine path, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality wherever your journey leads.

Inspiration from Legendary Expeditions

Drawing on Arthur Sleep's legendary explorations across the globe, from the vast Sahara to the dense Amazon, The Engadin embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Its design is the culmination of insights gathered from a consortium of world-renowned explorers, amalgamating years of field experience into one definitive all-terrain boot.

Customisation Options

Reflect your personal style and the demands of your adventures by choosing from an array of material and colour combinations.

Each pair is handcrafted to the unique contours of your foot at our prestigious 7-8 Savile Row workshop, ensuring a perfect, bespoke fit.

Speak to our design team to create yours.

Winterised Comfort

For colder climates, The Engadin offers both full and half-shearling wool lining options, providing exceptional warmth and comfort. A woven cashmere lining variant is also available for a luxurious touch.

> In warmer conditions, the boot’s interior can be lined with supple calf leather, offering a breathable, soft embrace for your feet.

The Engadin is not just a boot

It is a testament to the spirit of exploration, a fusion of luxury and ruggedness, ready to accompany you on life’s grandest adventures. Whether you’re traversing icy mountain peaks or striding through urban landscapes, The Engadin stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, comfort, and versatility.

Bespoke on savile row

Authentically crafted on London's Savile Row


We warmly invite you to schedule a visit for an exclusive tour of our factory, offering you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the craftsmanship that defines our brand. Alternatively, for a more personalised experience from the comfort of your home, you can arrange a virtual consultation with us.



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