The World's Most Fashionable Street

Savile Row

For more than a century, the elegant London street of Savile Row has been synonymous with sartorial excellence - its name a universal generic for impeccable attire. Our tailoring's tie to the neighbourhood go back to an Elizabethan tailor who gave Piccadilly its name, and here in the Regency era was born a special relationship with royalty - out of which was fashioned the look of the English gentleman that endures to this day.



A garment cut by an individual, for an individual, by an individual is one definition of the world that is synonymous with Savile Row and which has been purloined by practitioners of less personalised tailoring. A bespoke suit [or shoe] is cut specifically for a particular client (i.e. the material is spoken for, hence "be-spoke").


Savile Row's most technologically advanced maker