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The Amarantos Loafer in Taupe Suede

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‘Amarantos,’ or everlasting in ancient Greek, perfectly captures the timeless essence of these loafers. Crafted by hand from a singular piece of premium suede leather, its design speaks volumes with subtlety. The low vamp not only ensures optimal comfort and breathability but seamlessly complements everything from flowing summer dresses to relaxed daywear.

Made with rich premium suede leather and a refined Italian leather sole: comfortable, flexible, and battle-tested.

Perfectly paired with a summer dress or tailored suit, these shoes radiate elegance with each poised step.

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Arthur Sleep is a bespoke shoemaker transforming the traditional Savile Row experience. It brings cutting-edge manufacturing technology to one of London’s most prestigious postcodes. 

The same-day service is made possible by Arthur Sleep’s pioneering technology and manufacturing model. The company has established its new micro-factory, covering just 64 square metres, in the heart of London’s Mayfair on the principles of ‘hyper-proximity’.

Each pair crafted in the centre of London

Get in touch to come visit in store or to book a virtual bespoke consultation to discuss creating your own pair of shoes. We can send you a last to create in the comfort of your own home using our 'Bespoke by Post' service.

For those wanting to find out more, come and visit for a personal tour of the factory.



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