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  • Espadrilles


    The espadrille is a timeless and versatile shoe that has captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts around the world. With its origins dating back centuries, the history...

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  • Driving Shoes

    Driving Shoes

    The history of the driving shoe is linked to the increasing popularity of driving cars as a form of leisure. Cars were first invented in 1886 by Carl...

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  • Chelsea Boots

    Chelsea Boots

    The invention of the elastic sided boot, most commonly known today as the Chelsea Boot, is credited to Joseph Sparkes Hall. An early producer of rubber overshoes, Sparkes...

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  • Mountaineering and Hiking Boots

    Mountaineering and Hiking Boots

    The need to protect our feet from treacherous terrain and weather stretches as far back as the human race.  The clothed, mummified remains of a man,...

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