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The Black Velvet Slipper

You are at a dinner party when you realise that you and your best friend are both vying for the attentions of the beautiful lady seated between you at the table. He is flirting aggressively, and it looks like he may win. Do you:

A) ‘Accidentally’ spill wine on him so that he has to go change, leaving you to take the advantage in his absence.

B) Whisper amusing but disturbing stories about your friend’s sexual misadventures in the lady’s ear.

C) Respect that she will choose you if she wants to, and no amount of strategy or juvenile competition will further your case. Women are not prizes to be won, and the belief that they are disgusts you deeply. That said, if you could somehow subtly convey to her that these are your feelings, it would probably give you an edge over your friend.

For those who know how to walk the thin line between keen and creepy, Arthur Sleep has a shoe as comfortable and pleasant as your demeanour. Perfect for any party, wear our Black Velvet Slippers and you will never overstep the mark.