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The Grey Velvet Slippers

Sunlight. Oxygen. Water. Food – bacon, specifically. Some other beverage besides water because water is boring. Penicillin, vaccinations (smallpox, polio, measles, mumps – the works). Shelter, with all modern conveniences, heated floors, etc. At least a few weeks holiday per year. Paid. Free Wifi. Human companionship and affection. A good pair of brogues.

Are you missing anything on this list? If so, your survival might be in grave jeopardy. Sadly, we at Arthur Sleep cannot legally administer your vaccinations, but we can design you the shoes you need to stay alive.

Our grey velvet slippers are lovingly crafted from rich cotton velvet and feature black quilted satin lining and a sturdy leather sole and heel, made to wear in any of life’s terrains; even if it’s just from your Uber Lux to the bar. Wear Arthur Sleep, we’ll save your life.