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The Brown Velvet Slippers

You are hosting a dinner party. One of your guests quite rudely brings her friend, Felix, who you neither invited nor care for. You have had only fleeting interactions with him, but he strikes you as pretentious and obnoxious. Do you:

A) Apologise and say that the menu plan is too precisely planned to accommodate an extra plate; Felix must go.

B) Say nothing, but exclude the persona non grata from your conversations and slyly turn everyone against him.

C) Graciously welcome him into your home, introduce him to everyone, be undeniably charming, but refer to him every once in a while as ‘Bob.’ Let him correct you, apologise profusely; repeat. E.g. ‘More wine, Bob? – Oh gosh! I’ve done it again, I do apologise!’ You will be publicly conveying both your generosity as host and Felix’s general irrelevance.

For those who know how to walk the thin line between mean and mischievous, Arthur Sleep has a shoe as versatile and polished as your skills of diplomacy. The ideal shoes for any party, our Brown Velvet Slippers are relentlessly sleek and comfortable. Pair well with either of your two faces.