The Observer Collection

By Robert Spangle

Reflections of a former Marine…

Malibu… Sock-less & Stockholm syndrome. I was once locked in a room too low to stand in and too narrow to lay down in for a few days, and for the 10 or so hours between interrogations a William Burroughs poem played on repeat. I’m still not a fan of interrogations, but I have come to love Burroughs work, and named these slippers “Do Easy” after his life philosophy.

The Observer collection aims to encourage travel by imparting a perpetual feeling of home through style & ritual.

Functionally, and stylistically The Observer collection reflects on a lifetime of travel, from austere military campaigns to the height of luxury, while constantly looking forward to a world where the creative elite travel continuously.

Arthur Sleep has been working closely with our good friend and acclaimed menswear photographer, Mr. Robert Spangle, aka. Thousand Yard Style, to put together a pair of shoes that carried a signature for our shared and endless passion of travel and adventure, made easy.